The first edition of the is history

Last Sunday, between 8 pm and 8:20 pm, the electronic hammer for the eleven online horse auctions fell on the platform, which was founded by Dirk Schrade and Kai Rüder.

“We have collected a lot of experience with the online auction medium. In the collection were great horses with some very good results and good potential. Still, the auction was not as well received as hoped. We are now looking for the reasons – the relatively short time since the publication of the collection of about 5 weeks is certainly one”, said Kai Rüder. 

A couple of the offered horses were sold at the auction, the others went back to the owners. There were many interesting national and international contacts in advance, but they did not bid at the auction. This circumstance is certainly due to the fact that we have entered uncharted territory with the online auction of horses and our customers have to get more familiar with this concept first.

“All in all, it will be interesting to see how the next editions of the continue to develop. We are definitely continuing and trying to improve year by year with an optimized concept and more advertising, ” reports Dirk Schrade.

Further information can be obtained directly from the two initiators. They are also happy about any kind of feedback on the horses, the website and the online auction.

Dirk Schrade     +49 172 732 21 27

Kai Rüder      +49 172 800 26 28

Collection 2019

Here you can find our auction lot for the from 11th – 13th of January 2019